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Upcoming Events

October 27th: Make Music Winter Planning Meeting 7:30 pm on Zoom. Please RSVP to for log-in or go to the Facebook Event 

October 29, 2022: Montclair Zombie Walk! - Come get spooky with East Side Mags and Indie Arts Montclair!
Join us for our annual Zombie Walk (well - our first since 2019)! We’re kicking things off at 1:30pm where we’ll have make-up artists on hand to help give you a good gash, slash or some general damage to “zombify” you and get you ready for the walk around Montclair! We also encourage you to dress up in any costume you want or “zombify” yourself if you so choose!
At 3pm, we’re taking it to the streets! As a giant Zombie horde, we’ll walk around Montclair and spread the spooky spirit to patrons, businesses, looky-loos and casual walkers. We’re thinking Night of the Living Dead zombies - NOT 28 Days Later zombies so we’ll be WALKING not running through the streets! We will also be the mindful undead and follow all traffic signals and respect the wishes of others not participating if they’re not “into it”. Just don’t be THAT ZOMBIE. Be undead but also respectful of others.
Then, after we walk the streets, we’ll come back to the shop where we’ll be joined by Serendipity Cafe Kids who will rock out with a rendition of Monster Mash followed by a Zombie/Costume contest with prizes for:
Best Baby Costume
Best Kids/Youth Costume
Best Adult Costume
Our Zombie/Costume contest will be judged by none other than the spookiest ghoul this side of the Netherworld - Mr. Haunt!
The festivities will conclude around 6pm.
We hope you’ll be able to dig yourself out of your grave to join us!
It’s going to be an absolute scary (and super fun) time! 

November 5-6, 2022: Fall 2022 Montclair Skillshare - A Montclair Tradition started in 2016! this Fall's lineup includes

full schedule announced on October 24th!

December 2, 2022: Make Music Winter

more info soon!

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