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The Spring 2024 Montclair Zine Fest will be held on Saturday March 23, 2024, at Fletcher Hall 67 Church St Montclair, NJ


Zines and Artists

Eliza Duudles *Genevieve Cece * Listening Station Eight (Erik Jacobson) 

Marvin Allister Art * Rose Ragnarok Art *imaginethiscomic * ENDNØ 

Cypress Wilde * Gold Carson Sanchez * Guts Tank (Kim Plaksin) * Sawyer Conlon

Atomic Demon Art (Veronica Johnson) * Montclair Photography Group 

Emma Cornwell * ephemeras Literary Magazine * Partially Shy Lit Magazine

World War 3 Illustrated * Miles Blake * Kaley Flynn * Nina Tsur

Ren Chu * East Side Mags * Soup Can Magazine (Amanda & Chris) * Zach Rios

Organizations and Media

Montclair Area Solidarity Network * Saturday Radio * Final Straw Radio *

Invisible Choir * PM Press Silver Stream Studios

Live Music

2:30 pm - Live performance by The Sunken City and Primitive Substance

Workshops and Presentations

Make Music Day in Northern NJ + more 

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